What is the Spine Institute?

Over two decades of experience and success in treating people with back and neck disorders has led to the creation of a "Educational Center" where we treat you and teach you what works. We believe the methods are good enough - and surprisingly simple! -- to deserve its own name so you can tell family and friends to go see the spine specialists at TSI -- Only at Meier and Marsh Professional Therapies.

Three Steps to Success


Assessment is your first step to recovery. Pain is a symptom that needs a diagnosis, so you can receive appropriate, personalized treatment. We begin with a thorough history and physical testing of movements and positions that identify your unique patterns of pain. From this, we produce a "Mechanical Diagnosis" that is used to create a treatment plan -- so you get rapid results! Research has shown our assessment methodology to be as reliable as costly x-rays and MRI's to determine the source of the problem.


Using your Mechanical Diagnosis, we discover which movements and positions erase your pain and restore alignment and movement. You will be prescribed a treatment plan/exercise program based on your precise needs. Following your treatment plan in the clinic and at home is the single most important factor in the speed and effectiveness of your recovery. Your treatment plan may include hands on joint mobilizations, soft-tissue massage, strategic strengthening, posture training, etc.


We pride ourselves on educating and empowering our patients toward their own recovery. Beginning on your first visit, you will receive personalized home exercises that are a vital part of managing your pain and recovering your strength and mobility. Patients who consistently follow up on their home exercises recover more quickly and completely. When you act on our coaching, you enhance your body's ability to heal, often without the need for long term medications, surgery or dependency on any practitioner. Meier and Marsh patients consistently recover more quickly than the national average -- so you get back to doing what you love in less time and with less expense.

Back Pain Assessment

One of our specialists will respond within 1-2 business days to recommend the best course of action for your specific needs.

Part 1:

Assessing the cause of and complications associated with your back pain or sciatica.

Do you have severe pain in the leg below the knee and experience weakness, numbness, or continuous pins and needles in the foot or toes?

Have you developed low back problems because of a recent severe accident?

Following a recent severe episode of low back pain, have you developed bowel or bladder problems?

Are you feeling generally unwell in conjunction with this episode of low back pain?

Do you have a history of cancer?

Do you have a fever or high temperature?

Have you lost significant weight for no apparent reason?

Part 2:

To determine whether we can help you treat your low back pain or sciatica successfully with mechanical diagnosis and therapy(MDT) without further medical testing or treatments (imaging, medications, injections, etc.)

Are there periods in the day when you have no pain? Even if it is only ten minutes?

Is the pain confined to areas above the knee? (nothing below the knee)

Are you generally worse when sitting for prolonged periods or when rising from a sitting position?

Are you generally worse during or right after prolonged bending or stooping as in bed-making, vacuuming, house work, yard work, etc?

Are you generally worse when getting up in the morning, but improve after about half an hour?

Are you generally worse when inactive and better when on the move?

Are you generally better when walking?

Are you generally better when lying face down?

When testing this you may feel worse for the first few minutes after which time the pain subsides;
(in this case the answer to the question is 'yes')

Have you had several episodes of low back pain over the past months or years?

Between episodes, are you able to move freely in all directions without pain?

Between episodes, are you pain free?

If you have pain in the buttocks, or the upper or lower leg, does it sometimes stop completely, even though you still have pain in the back?

How long has your pain been present?

When was the last time you had one month without any pain in your back?